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Upgrade your human operating system to live, create and lead in full alignment and integrity to your highest self.

My Mission

I AM a bridge here to support powerful, heart-centered leaders on their Journey from “success” as an ever-elusive outcome -- to successfully living a meaningful and joy-filled life. I will help you bridge your highly active analytical mind with expanded consciousness and intuition that only exists beyond your mind. I’ve worked closely with hundreds of leaders helping them to transform their lives and mission in the world.

About me

I AM YOU, a now “recovering Type-A” who founded and built multiple eight and nine-figure tech startups in New York before turning thirty-five. I chased dreams, but I wasn’t awake to the life right in front of me. After I was fired from my own startup and divorced in the same year, I began the journey I am on now. My Journey has led me to marry the woman of my dreams and create 1heart, a community of heart-centered leaders creating massive positive change in the world.
I AM here for YOU as a guide, coach, and mentor to leaders and companies seeking to upgrade their operating system from Type A to Type BE. I am here to help you get unstuck and creatively flowing with all the passion you are here to experience. Our goal together, is to get you living in “Right Relation”,  a shamanic term for living a life of alignment and integrity with our truest self. It is in this space that all the magic happens.

I’ve spent 7+ years and over $100,000 learning from top teachers, coaches, and wisdom keepers all over the world. I have made it my mission to bring these teachings to you.
7 Upgrades in Becoming Type
Type A
Hu$tle & Grind
Anxiety & Worry
Chasing Outcomes
Fighting for Control
Scarcity & Competition
Fear of Failure
Needing More
Type BE
Alignment & Integrity
Peace & Presence
Living in Gratitude
Flowing with Creativity
Abundance & Collaboration
Love of Self
BEing Enough


"The work that Brandon is doing for our communities and our world is unparalleled. Thanks to what he's built with 1heart and beyond, I have personally been alleviated of so much that once held me back in Life and infused with passion to carry on my mission. Since meeting Brandon, my Life has transformed tremendously, and so have the lives of all those around me. Brandon is spearheading a powerful movement to ascend humanity with grace, expertise, and compassion."

Keith Ferrazzi
NY Times #1 Best Selling Author & Founder/Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight

Brandon is a leader in the new generation of heart-led coaches, he is one of the mentors and peers who have had a great impact in my life. As a coach Brandon is what I call a bridge, his genius is poised at the nexus of heart leadership, entrepreneurship, science and spirituality.He has the rare gift of being able to simplify complex information in a grounded way for those with more analytic minds interested in leading from their heart and living their passion.

I am inspired by his own journey of continued growth and evolution including learning with top teachers in the world and advancing on his shamanic path with integrity. Brandon is a pillar for rising and established leaders, I have witnessed him apply his insights, wisdom and great fund of knowledge to massively transform lives many many times.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Brandon, my life is forever changed because of you! I love you.

Dr. Marie Mbouni, MD
MD, Medicine Woman, Conscious Coach and Speaker

"Like all the great things, Brandon came into my life very unexpectedly, but at the most critical time. Still getting over my divorce, I felt lost, unsure of where my life was headed and what was truly important.  When Brandon and I first connected, I felt drawn toward him. Many things about him reminded me of who I was once – curious, playful, confident, and determined.

Brandon has a unique approach to coaching: he feels when it’s the right time to push you – to ask the right (and tough) questions, to reflect – and when to take it easy; he challenges; he’s just as intuitive and empathic as he’s structured and analytical. Feeling Brandon’s support, I was increasingly embracing uncertainty, living in the moment, and feeling relaxed about the future. My relationships with my parents got stronger, my friendships deepened, exciting opportunities were coming my way, and new people were entering my life as I was becoming more focused, more intentional, more forgiving, and more appreciative.

In the 18 months after our intense coaching, I’d joined one of the leading FinTech companies to navigate through the crisis and lead M&A, taken on advisory roles at three startups, and launched my wealth management practice. None of these initiatives would’ve materialized had I not stepped out of my own way and accepted what was coming to me. I’m so happy to admit (to myself) that I’m truly enjoying my life, watching it unfold in the most beautiful and yet unpredictable ways.

Tim Salikhov
Investor | Advisor | M&A at American Express

Brandon Evans is so much more than a coach. He's a monk-coach-entrepreneur-guru combo! His gentle wisdom, patient listening, and accepting presence has helped me get through some of the most turbulent storms of my life. I'm so immensely grateful to know Brandon, let alone have the opportunity to glean some of his bright energy.

In no uncertain terms, Brandon has helped me tackle some of the biggest challenges I've faced in my relationship, business, and mission in life. He's helped me open my eyes to the interrelationship of all these avenues of my experience, and with just a few words helped open the doorway to heart-led possibilities that were previously enshrouded in fear and misalignment.

Austin Mao
Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Brandon’s work has been a life changer. He is generous with his attention and his kind and gentle energy makes people feel safe. Besides his tremendous skill in helping people shift their personal and professional lives to a new level, he has a clear and powerful vision of making the whole world a healthier and more loving place.

Kasper van der Meulen
Biohacker, Author and Breathwork Facilitator

"Brandon is more than meets the eye. He has played and continually plays a significant role in my personal life journey living and creating from my heart. Where he shines is intentionality fused with integrity in everything he does, and his loving heart is an inspiration to many. I am immensely grateful for someone like Brandon in my life who epitomizes a spiritual explorer and grounded creator who has devoted his life to contribute to the elevation of consciousness for humanity."

Tim Sae Koo
Serial Entrepreneur and Conscious Capitalist

Brandon's vision to change the global consciousness through heart-led entrepreneurs led me to him and 1heart. Cynical by nature, I doubted that I would bear witness to any real significant change. But, my curious desire for a new experience brought me to Costa Rica over three years ago. After that one week, my life changed course and I discovered a new path in my career focusing on social impact storytelling. I wouldn't be doing the work I am now, without this life changing experience.

Megan Sullivan
Award-Winning Writer & Director

" I was going through a lot of pressure when I started coaching sessions with Brandon. It felt like everything was going wrong in my life and I was stuck. I cannot express how much I appreciate his help. Brandon offered insightful approaches to examine my fears, set the right intention for my life and how to manifest those intentions. It was not about fulfilling my desires. It was just about surrendering and letting go. "

Eunho Lee
Managing Director at Family Business/Executive Consultant at Vitruvian Partners

"Getting to know Brandon has been a blessing in a number of ways. I immediately connected with his story of being a Type-A achiever who shifted into a heart-centered leader, as that felt like a life journey I could identify with. Both of those elements emerged strongly as part of his leadership. 

I have witnessed both his impeccability and integrity in all the work that he does and I've seen that result in experiences that transform the lives of everyone whom it touches. Powerful personal transformation work requires powerful leaders, and Brandon embodies the combination of mind, heart, and spirit that is necessary for this type of work. Brandon's level of detail and care he puts into this work has inspired me to constantly up-level myself. I’m grateful for his trust in me, which was only made possible because of my trust in him as a leader."

Salman Hatta
Founder, Angel Investor, Creative, Wharton MBA

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Living life in alignment and integrity with your soul’s mission and purpose?
Flowing with creativity free from the limited beliefs and fears holding you back?
Operating from your true power and speaking from your true voice?
Experiencing abundance and gratitude daily?
In love with life and yourself?

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