What I offer

You are here for a reason. Here on my site, reading this page, in this exact moment of your life. All decisions you’ve made, everything that has “happened to you” got you here. You get to choose to create the next chapters of your life. I would love to be your guide. 

There are several ways we can work together:

Type BE

Upgrade your personal operating system

1 ON 1 CUSTOM COACHING PROGRAMS | 3 to 6-month custom programs designed to bring you into full integrity and alignment in all aspects of your life. 
I work with a limited number of clients in crafting a customized program that combines coaching and mentorship to enable you to create the life and work you truly desire. 

Your custom program will be developed around the systems in my upcoming book, Type Be. These programs are especially effective for Type A’s or those with Type A tendencies. To learn how Type A you are, you can fill out this free assessment I created for you. 
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TYPE BE ONLINE PROGRAM+ | 3 month online program with 1 on 1 coaching support

You will receive access to a complete online program with weekly modules and exercises that will support you in transitioning from Type A to Type Be. In addition to the online course, we will speak twice a month for 45-minute coaching calls to dive deeper into your personal journey. 

Right Relation Mastermind and Coaching/Consulting

At the heart of living a fulfilled and purpose-driven life is your ability to live in full alignment and integrity to your truth and soul calling. Shamanic traditions call this living in Right Relation. RR coaching and consulting is designed to deeply focus on assisting you and/or your business in staying in continual alignment and integrity. 

1 ON 1 AI.M CONSULTING + COACHING| 3 month minimum engagements that will supercharge whatever you are creating in the world through alignment

We will work together leveraging both my strategic consulting skills that enabled me to build multiple eight and nine-figure businesses along with my coaching skills that will ensure that what you create is aligned with your highest self. Living in alignment not only feels great but it will unleash the creativity and passion within you and your organization to take your business to the next level. 

Today people speak of “conscious business” but really they just mean a business that is slightly more thoughtful. Perhaps they use less plastic or have less sugar. Truly conscious businesses are those that operate in full alignment and integrity with your values and deepest intentions. Through the AI.M process we will create your own personal integrity map and explore practices that will allow you to stay in full alignment with it. 
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RIGHT RELATION MASTERMIND | | Elevate your life and business together with ten other heart-centered leaders
Join the first RR Mastermind and be a part of the first mastermind laser focused on the two most critical elements in creating purpose driven lives and businesses, alignment and integrity. You will be part of a unique group of leaders ready to create their lives and businesses from their true soul’s calling. 

Together via group sessions, online course modules, 1 on 1 coaching and consulting and a group retreat, you’ll have access to all the tools, support and community needed to live a deeply fulfilling life. The program will officially last for 6-months with the intention that the group will continue meeting in support of each other indefinitely. 

We are looking for seven leaders to co-create the first RR Mastermind with us. We will be offering special pricing for this beta journey together. 
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Transformational Retreats for Leaders

Through my company 1heart, we offer deeply transformational 1-week retreats to destinations in Central America built within an 8-week virtual program. We have hosted over four-hundred entrepreneurs and leaders across nearly every discipline from all over the world. 98% of those who have attended our retreats “got what they were looking for” and 95% give us a 10/10 on “I would refer 1heart to a friend”. 

1heart Journeys combine plant medicine (ayahuasca) with a host of other ancient and modern modalities like breath work, sweat lodges, yoga, meditation and specially designed workshops to enable maximum transformation over the 8-week program. You can apply to join a 1heart Journey and/or we can work together to build one into a custom designed coaching program to provide the optimal support needed for this deep transformational work. 
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