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I’ve had quite the Journey. I’ve lived the “American Dream”, founded and led tech companies valued at nearly half a billion dollars. I’ve lived in New York, London, Austin, Chicago and Miami.

For most of the first 40 years of my life, I achieved, reached the goals I had set, yet it was never enough. And, as I would learn, my life wasn’t even my own. I was living how I believed society and those around me would classify “success”. 

At age 36, I hit a wall. My startup was “crushing it” and my investors asked me to raise another $20 million, but I wanted out. I was too afraid to quit, yet too misaligned to continue. I was fired for not having the passion needed as a CEO to lead my company. Soon after I was divorced. I was “lost” and getting lost would prove to be the first step on the journey I am on now. 

For the first time in my life, I had the space and viewpoint needed to access what I actually wanted in my life. I began a journey that allowed me to get outside of my mind and the fears and limited beliefs that dominated it. I worked with top teachers, coaches and healers all over the world. I went on yoga retreats in Cambodia, meditation retreats in Thailand, plant medicine retreats all over central and South America, and dove deep studying ancient and modern knowledge. 

On my 40th birthday, I was loving the transformation I was experiencing. I wanted to share the man I had become with others. I wrote my first article on Medium titled Lost on Purpose and it immediately went viral. Tens of thousands read it and wrote to me despite having zero followers at the time. It was clear from all the comments and responses that I had hit a chord. So many others felt similar. They were lost in the life they were told they should live and aching for the life their heart and soul called out for.

The response to this article led me to birth 1heart with the mission to elevate the life and work of heart-centered leaders who together will elevate global consciousness through what they create in the world. And, I’ve made it my mission to serve these powerful leaders as a guide to help them awaken to all the joy, creativity, and meaning that comes from living an aligned life with full integrity to their truth. 

It hasn’t always been easy and I am grateful that it has all led me here. I’ve met and married the woman of my dreams. Together we are living our dream of helping elevate the lives of others while living on a mountain overlooking the ocean in Costa Rica. Recently we gave birth to our first child, a beautiful daughter named Spirit.

Each experience has been a lesson, and each lesson I’ve felt was not only to teach me but to be shared in service of others. I am not a guru nor a master of anything I teach. I am someone on the same path, with similar struggles, and learning in each moment.  My highest calling is to guide others along the way.

Here are some of my studies that have influenced my offerings:
Gratitude Training
Completed Level 1, 2, and 3 and coached in this EST influenced transformational training program
Trainer Designs Global Training Forum
EST practitioner training for transformational course design and facilitation 
Permaculture certification in this 6-month accredited program led by Steven Brooks
Created and Led 10+ leadership retreats with ~500 attendees as co-founder of 1heart
Co-founded and led 200+ member business leadership community Miami Made
Founded and Led two venture-backed companies valued at ~$500M (1 exited, 1 series D), each with over 100 employees and named Top 5 Places to Work in New York by Crain’s
7+ Years of Deep Work with Plant Medicines and Psychedelics including Master Plant Dietas in Peru and retreats all over South America
5+ Years of Kaballah Study
Certified Human Potential Institute Coach
12-month accredited coaching certification program started by Dave Asprey (Bulletproof)
Studied Flow State with Flow Genome Project
9-month coaching program started by Jamie Wheel (Stealing Fire) and Steven Kotler (Becoming Superman)
Shamanic Practitioner Training
Level 1 and Level II Certified 
I am here for you. It is my mission to impact the lives of powerful leaders who through their own missions will create positive change in this world. If you feel called to elevate your life, live with greater joy and presence and align to your mission, let’s talk.
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